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National Convention 2019 - Morris Equestrian Centre, Scotland

7 Apr 2019 - 9 Apr 2019

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Building on the success of our previous coaching conventions The British Horse Society will be holding five National Conventions in 2019. Previously targeted at the Society’s Accredited Coaches these events have been expanded to include a new day dedicated to any equestrian wishing to improve their knowledge and skills.

With demonstrations from top coaches, including Fellows of the BHS, and professional riders, and break out sessions focusing on lorry safety, course building and equine nutrition there will definitely be something for everyone to take away whether you are a professional coach or ride for pleasure.

  • Day 2 and Day 3 have been accepted as CPD for British Dressage, British Showjumping and The Pony Club
  • Day 2 (Day 1 in Ireland) has been accepted as CPD for British Eventing.

Guest Speakers

  • Sam York FBHS
  • Gillian Higgins 
  • Yogi Breisner FBHS
  • Susan Maxwell Watch Manager from Scottish Fire
  • Richard Waygood MBE, Performance Manager for the GB Eventing Team
  • Ros Canter and Caroline Moore FBHS


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Group discount 15% for groups over 10. Each group gets one free ticket.  
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Day One - Sunday Evening



Sam York FBHS
“For the Challenge for the Love”
BHS Challenge Awards: Achieve your personal goals and aspirations! Develop your confidence, skills and knowledge with the support of your coach; introducing the BHS’s new offer of awards you can complete at your yard or your nearest BHS Approved Centre.
Gillian Higgins
“How the Horse Moves” Using lungeing and riding Gillian Higgins will demonstrate the bio-mechanics of the horse and how the rider influences the movement of the horse.

Day Two - Monday



Sam York FBHS
Police Scotland Mounted Branch
Yogi Breisner FBHS
“How the rider’s position can influence the horse’s flatwork” Yogi will be demonstrating how rider position can influence how a horse works on the flat, both in a positive and a negative way.
Susan Maxwell
Roadside Rescue Demonstration and Rescue Service - Safer Horse Rescue – Practical Display
Richard Waygood MBE
“Training the Team” Richard will coach elite professionals focussing on the link between dressage and jumping.
Ros Canter and Caroline Moore FBHS “Training to learn, Training to compete, Training to win” Caroline and Ros will explore how to coach horses and riders through each development stage of their education.
Break out session - “Allow time, check inside” An educational session designed to ensure that you and your horse are safe whilst out travelling. Helping you to identify the important checks you should be making to your horse transport. 
“Riding Out – Making the most of your routes” Get the most out of the countryside by learning more about the map symbols and which routes you can access whilst out riding. Familiarise yourself with the Scottish outdoor Access code and how to be a responsible, confident access taker in Scotland today. Want to get involved then find out about volunteering opportunities to save routes in your area.


Day Three



Alex Copeland
Yogi Briesner FBHS
Coaching the rider (demo)
Alex Copeland 
Introduction to professional assessments
Tim Downes FBHS, Sam York FBHS, Andrew Bennie FBHS
Standard setting Stages (demo)
British Horseracing Authority
Opportunities in the Racing Industry
Alex Copeland
Introduction to Bhs Challenge Awards
Sam York FBHS and Andrea Parsons Standard setting Challenge Awards (demo)
Lucy Katan Mental health for equine workers
Tim Downes FBHS and Andrew Bennie FBHS Ditching the gadgets
Becky Vanden Bogaerde Eating disorders in the equestrian world
Sam York FBHS Coaching in the 21st Century
Alex Copeland
Wrapping it up, Q and A
Break out session - Marketing tools for equine professionals 

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