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Maintaining Your Horse's Natural, Healthy Movement Talk

27 Feb 2019

Maintaining Your Horse’s Natural, Healthy Movement when Ridden - A Talk by Bev Whitehead and Abigail Rowland of Bridle-Path to Harmony.

This fun an interactive talk will explain how you can help your horse move in a natural, healthy way when ridden. Bev and Abigail deliver clear and logical coaching to help riders of all levels to develop a comfortable, harmonious, bio-mechanically correct partnership with their horses.

They will deliver a thought provoking and interactive presentation looking at the skeletal structure of the horse and how this relates to both his static and his dynamic state. Using a number of interactive activities to help riders to understand how they can promote natural and healthy movement in their ridden sessions.

Time: 7pm - 9.30pm 

Cost: £8 entrance fee if booked in advance or £10 on the night (under 18 years and students £5).

To book, please contact Kay on 07745 583785



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