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North West Dressage Championship

7 Oct 2018

This competition is a celebration of 70 years of the British Horse Society and so we want to promote all of the aspects that we value, which ultimately puts the horse at the centre of everything we do. So if you own, loan, or ride a fantastic horse that you want to celebrate with us, come along, give it a go and meet the friendly teams that make the BHS a great place for horses in your area.

Classes are divided for both Seniors and Juniors and tests include Intro B, Prelim 1 and Novice 28.

  • Juniors – All riders in junior competitions must be under 18 on 1 January in the current year
  • Seniors – All riders in senior competitions must be 18 or over on 1 January in the current year

Provided you are a BHS or BRC member the top 5 from each class will be eligible to qualify for the Championship. Qualifiers are open to all, if you aren’t a member of the BHS family now is a great opportunity to become one, to find out about the great charitable work you will support by becoming a member and the benefits you’ll personally receive go to

Area Qualifiers and Championship will be run under BRC rules, please refer to the BRC handbook for more information and rules. For BD affiliated competitors, please check page 91 of the handbook to see table of eligibility of horse and rider.

For any enquires please contact John Gilbert-Pattison on or 07837 597561


Area  Event Organiser  Venue  Date  Entry Type  Entries Open 
Sheila Harrison
Bold Heath Equestrian Centre
17 June 2018 Paper 1 June 2018
Robyn Read
Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre
9 July 2018
Online 9 June 2018
Dy Starkey
Wilmslow Riding Club
14 July 2018
Paper 1 June 2018
John Gilbert-Patterson
Dee Farm
12 August 2018
Online 5 June 2018
Gwen Mitchell
Crow Wood Equestrian Centre
19 August 2018 Online 12 June 2018

Terms & Conditions


I understand that all organisers and The BHS will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury to any persons or animals whilst attending this event. I will respect and abide by any rules that are known to me at the venue and to other competitors. All rules are under BRC Handbook. The organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents. Neither the organisers nor the British Horse Society accept responsibility for any accident, injury, loss or illness to horse, rider, spectator or property whilst at this event.


If signing on behalf of someone under the age of 18 I confirm I am the parent or have parental responsibility for them. Photographs may be used by The British Horse Society in printed, online or electronic publications, which may be shared publicly. Examples of these materials include, but are not limited to: posters, leaflets, brochures, adverts, emails, e-newsletters, blogs, web pages, social media posts, presentations, speeches, research or policy reports and press releases or other materials.


Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways. Including but not limited to: Contacting you about the event, including notifying you if you qualify for the championship. To promote the event to BHS members and the general public. For example: on The British Horse Society website, in British Horse magazine, on The British Horse Society social media accounts.


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