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Leigh District Access Group Protest Ride

6 May 2018

Leigh District Access Group are leading a protest ride on Sunday 6 May 2018.

Pennington Wharf Marina / Slag Lane

Free event - Mounted by 11am and finish about 1pm


This is a protest ride, you will be excepted to ride for 20 mins down a 40pmh road twice.

We will ride down Slag Lane to reach Byron Hall forestry, we will do a circular route around the forestry 30 mins and then ride again down the road back.

This ride is to help highlight the importance of this road in linking two bridleways together for horse riders as part of ‘Ride out Uk month’ and supporting the ‘Pass Slow and Wide’ campaign.

Riders/ Walkers / cyclist should be ready and waiting in the carpark on Slag lane at the bottom of the hill from the swing bridge. 

Locals and day riders welcome please email if you need more details.

Riders welcome to explore Pennington Flash after the protest.


Carpark will depend on numbers

Riders are free to park at Pennington Wharf Marina / Crankwood Road or carpark at slag lane (if we can get height barrier opened)

Please note if parking at Pennington Wharf marina you will be parking on the side of the road so do take care and please clean up to leave a good impression! 

For more information please contact:

Terrin Turner, 07575089164,

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