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Rights of Way Restoring the Record Training Day with Sarah Bucks and Dr Phil Wadey

7 May 2016


The Restoring the Record training days are designed to enthuse, enable and empower rights of way researchers to make definitive map modification order applications. They start with a precis of the legal background to our current position, which Acts have made which changes, and what legislation is relevant to the current work. The authority of the Definitive Map and Statement is explained. The task and importance of identifying routes for which applications ought to be submitted, the need for an easily accessible library containing electronic copies of historical documents, and a thorough discussion of how to write and present a valid definitive map modification order application are addressed. 

Many examples are given of routes which may appear to be safe from the 2026 cut-off date but are not, and also of routes which, when seen in the countryside, clearly seem to be under-recorded. The different approaches to generating the list of routes to be investigated, systematically, route led, or by document, are discussed. This helps attendees identify routes that need to be researched. 

We have ten years left to officially record around 20,000 historical routes in England before they’re extinguished. Learn how to identify historical routes and the key resources used to study them from two acknowledged experts in the field, Sarah Bucks and Dr Phil Wadey. 

Find out what your evidence can unlock and how to create a systematic research method to investigate your routes. Remember, just because you ride a route doesn’t mean it’s officially recorded. Attend the training and start researching your local rides before it’s too late! 

To make it even more desirable, these training days are free to attend and as ever, lunch is included.

Time: 9am - 4.30pm.

For more information or to book your place, please contact Eleanor Hashim.

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