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Riders Rights and Responsibilities Evenings

15 June 2017


Do you ride on the road? If so, do you know your rights, responsibilities and the law? Do you ride on the pavement, ride two abreast, use a mobile when riding a horse or have you suffered from road rage and dangerous driving?

Keen to learn more about riding safely, how to report incidents and ensure you are covered in the event of an accident? The BHS invite all horse owners and riders to come along to hear more from the experts about the law when riding on the road.

The BHS welcomes Barrister Lachlan Wilson, BHS Director of Safety Alan Hiscox and members from the local police Constabulary who will be discussing these issues, providing advice and much more.

Also present will be local BHS committee members who are always happy to talk about concerns and what's happening in the local area.

Entry is free and tea/coffee is included.

Time: Arrive at 7pm for tea and coffee and the talk will begin at 7.30pm.


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