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Guided Ride from the Forest Centre Marston Moretaine

23 Apr 2016


A ride leader, Robina Chatham, will lead a group of no more than eight riders along the promoted ride from the Forest Centre to Cranfield. The objective of the ride is to show you the route so that you can return to ride it again at your own pace and perhaps to explore the optional extensions into Rectory Wood or Wootton. The group will be limited to eight riders, plus the leader and another escort. Most of the ride will be in walk and trot though, if all riders are happy to do so, some canter opportunities may be taken.

Please be aware that the ride leader and escort are not qualified Riding Instructors nor qualified Ride Leaders. This ride is intended only to help you find your way – you must be confident to tackle a 10 mile hack, taking about three hours, and be relying on the assistance of the ride leader and escort only to show you the route not to assist you or your horse in any other way.

Please Note: You ride at your own risk and must be satisfied that both you and your horse are capable of this distance in a group. 

To secure your place and obtain the rules and booking form, please contact Rosalyn Whisker.

Refundable deposit of £15.

Time: 10am prompt.

Download Guided Ride Leaflet (pdf)

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