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CRC Twenty First Anniversary Dressage Event

30 July 2016

The Classical Riding Club - Founded by Sylvia Loch in 1995. A self-help networking Club promoting "Harmony in Horsemanship."

It's hard to believe The Classical Riding Club is 21 years old. People are talking about good and correct riding like never before. That means more and more people are against forceful riding, cranked nosebands and draw reins and, if we stick to our guns, there will come a time when they are banned forever. Improvement as a rider can, and will only come through education. That is why Sylvia chose to use the word 'classical' when she founded the Club. It implies that the work is proper, solid, based on sound principles of Nature, as well as being humane. This was the legacy left by the Greeks as the Classical Age grew and spread around them. And people have responded to this. People like to aspire. To sum up, the 21st Anniversary Demo is Sylvia's way of now saying thank you to all of YOU - Members, Friends, Sponsors and Ambassadors alike.

Please support this very special event and Sylvia will look forward to meeting you on 30 July to watch a wonderful day of training. 

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