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BHS Hertfordshire Arena TREC Training and Fun Competition

4 Oct 2015

Each training session will be for a maximum of four riders/handlers and last approximately one hour. Immediately following this the four riders will have a chance to put their new skills to the test, if they wish, by undertaking the course of ten obstacles and the control of paces as a competition. The competitor with the highest score over the whole day will win a trophy and there will be rosettes for all.

Session Times:

  •     9.30am
  •     11.15am
  •     1.30pm
  •     3.30pm

What do we wear:

  •     Safe and comfortable riding gear .The horse’s normal tack will be fine.
  •     Riders/handlers must wear a hard hat with fastened chinstrap meeting current EU standards, at all times when mounted or leading
  •     Riders may choose to wear a body protector.
  •     Riders must wear suitable, safe footwear
  •     Gloves are recommended especially when leading.

Standing martingales and other fixed reins are forbidden. If a running martingale is used the horse must be led from a headcollar and leadrope  or the martingale detached.from the reins. Whips must not exceed 75cm. Spurs, if worn, must be rounded, not exceed 3cm and point downwards.

TREC is all about trust between horse and rider/handler, with obedience and steadiness plus a little bit of agility thrown in. This is a chance for you and your horse to gain confidence and practice in negotiating obstacles that simulate those you might find on a hack.

Tips on achieving a fast walk and slow canter will help you star in the “control of paces.”

In competition you may miss out obstacles if you choose, without being eliminated, so everyone has a positive experience!

For further details please contact Jane Sheppard.

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