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You and Your Horse: Are You on the Same Page?

6 Nov 2018


Rider confidence stems not just from your mind-set as an athlete; it comes from an understanding of the relationship between rider and horse. To gain this understanding, we need to explore what makes us so different from our equine partners, and celebrate these unique differences and behaviours. From there, we can learn how to develop true and longstanding partnerships with our horse!

Join us and Jo Winfield, FBHS, in a evening road-show of the Eastern Region where she will explore both rider and horse psychologies, and equip riders with the tools they need to grow confidence and understanding in the saddle.

Whether you are show-wary, inexperienced, new to horsemanship or a regular eventer, there will be something to take away from each of these in-depth discussions that will help you to progress your passion.

Time: 6.45pm - 7pm.

For more details, please contact Julie Springett

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