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Alexander Technique Introductory Workshop with Sarah Witkin BHSAI

25 June 2018


Sarah Witkin, BHSAI and qualified AT teacher, will lead an unmounted workshop introducing you to the benefits of Alexander Technique to improve your riding and harmony with your horse. Learn more about Alexander Technique and riding

The workshop will include an explanation of Alexander Technique plus a number of exercises and 'games' to allow you to explore what is involved and how it will benefit you and your horse.

Sarah's workshops are run informally with an emphasis on discovery and questions so that people are able to get information and learn rather than be talked to. There will be discussions as we go through the activities so questions can be answered. She will try and give as many people some hands on work so that they get an experience of the technique. The games are to enable people to discover in a fun way not a competition.

Please wear relaxed comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or towel to lie on... plus a couple of books that you can put under your head (about 2 inches thick).

Cost: Just £5 a head.

Time: 7pm to 8.45pm. 

Limited to 14 people and no entries on the night.

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