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RVC Equine Lecture Series 2018 Equine sarcoids the inside and out of equines most common tumours

7 Feb 2018

Equine Lecture Series 2018: Equine sarcoids – the ‘inside and out’ of equine’s most common tumours

This lecture will be given by two experts from the RVC’s equine hospital. Dr Andy Fiske Jackson is a specialist equine surgeon who is pioneering a new, highly successful localised chemotherapy treatment for sarcoids. Professor Josh Slater is a virologist with extensive experience of treating sarcoids, especially sarcoids in difficult regions such as the eye. This lecture will tell you everything you need to know about sarcoids including the latest ideas on which treatments do, and don’t, work. 

During the lecture you will learn:

  • That sarcoid is the most common and problematic of equine cancers
  • About the causes of sarcoids
  • Why it is important to recognise which type of sarcoid is affecting your horse
  • The benefits and limitations of different sarcoid treatment options
  • About a new treatment called ECT (ElectroChemoTherapy) and how RVC Equine uses ECT for complex or hard-to-treat arcoid cases
  • How can you help a sarcoid patient’s recovery
  • What the future of sarcoid treatment holds

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets must be purchased in advance and before midday on the day. Please note we cannot accept payment at the door.

Registration commences at 7pm where refreshments will be available. Lecture time 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Late-comers may be refused entry.


  • Andy Fiske-Jackson, BVSc MVetMed DipECVS FHEA MRCVS, Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery, The Royal Veterinary College
  • Josh Slater, BVM&S PhD DipECEIM MRCVS, Professor of Equine Clinical Studies, The Royal Veterinary College

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