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Braughing Park and Ride

2 Dec 2018


Time: 10:30am until 4pm. (2pm in the winter). Other dates with permission of farm owner.

Park up, take a map and written instructions and follow the 11 mile route to Gravesend and back by the south of Furneux Pelham or follow the four new routes around Albury that vary between 10 and 16 miles.  

All these routes contain some on road riding, but are mainly off road on the extensive headland Bridleway network in the area. 

To make sure there are not more people than parking, please email / call Dawn Grocock with the following details by the Wednesday before the first Sunday of the month:

  • Name of riders
  • If you will be in a horse box or trailer and the registration
  • Number of horses / riders
  • A mobile phone number for you on the day
  • An e-mail or postal address to send parking directions, plans and suggested ride route details to

A charge of £5 per horse box / trailer is required on the day. Walkers and cyclists are welcome to accompany horse riders but must also pay £5 per car for parking.

Please Note: The parking area is: Quinbury Farm, Hay Street, near Braughing, Herts SG11 2RE.

Organised by HCC Public Rights of Way Service and The British Horse Society.

Download the poster (pdf)

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