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The Importance of the Scales of Training for all Levels

26 Mar 2017


Dressage Training:

Lecture/demonstration series, with Darryl Thickitt and Gill Liggins.

Darryl is an international Grand Prix dressage rider, trainer and British Dressage European Pony Team Trainer. This year Darryl was also a trainer at the British Dressage Convention.

This is an amazing opportunity to benefit from the expertise of one of the UK’s most prestigious trainers. Both days will be a combination of Darryl riding his own horses, and Gill and Darryl teaching at the different levels. There will be something for everyone! These exciting lectures and demonstrations will cover training from grassroots to Grand Prix.

Darryl is a fantastic rider and trainer who is very personable and simplifies dressage, making it accessible to all.

These afternoon events will be truly enjoyable event for all levels, so don’t miss the chance to come and watch some fantastic horsemanship!


  • Combined ticket (both dates): £30. One of these tickets will be a lucky number and will win a free lesson with Darryl!
  • 26 February: £17.50        
  • 26 March: £17.50

Please book your tickets through Wellow Equestrian Centre.

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