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BHS Lincolnshire Lets Talk Bitting

10 May 2019 19:00 - 22:00

An evening with Dr Caroline Benoist from Neue Schule and Gail Johnson from Horse Bit Hire demonstrating how different bits work and how to choose a bit for your horse. Demonstrations on horses of the Neue Schule synchronicity system.

Neue Schule founder Heather Hyde, started one of the first horse bit rental companies in the UK in the late 1990s after seeing first hand how difficult it was to find bitting solutions to problems you were having. Seeing that the traditional and highly regarded Lorinery industry was in decline in the UK, Heather set about filling the gap in the horse bit market with well considered bit designs. Involving the adaptation or overhaul of traditional designs, Heather fine-tuned her design strategy, guided by the thoughts and needs of riders and their horses as they entered the 21st century.

This ‘new school’ of thinking (“Neue Schule”) is embodied in the refined designs, more accomodating profiles and cutting edge materials to be found in our products. Paradoxically, going forwards like this in bit design may help us rekindle the ancient art of classical equitation first documented by the Greeks. Whether out on a leisurely hack or in the heat of international competition everything we do for bitting may lead us back to a more considered approach to the horse.

Time: 7pm - 10pm

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