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Leicestershire and Rutland Bridleways Association Hambleton Bluebells Ride

2 May 2018


Hambleton Bluebells Ride, Leicestershire

Length: Six miles

Level of difficulty: GRADE 2

This ride is on private tracks, courtesy of Anglian Water, and open for riding on this day only. It offers unrivaled views of the water from the Hambleton Peninsula and the bluebells should be at their best. The parking is on the grass verge and is limited to 25 vehicles. Apart from the half mile or so to and from the parking, the riding is on a private track only used by anglers’ cars, cyclists and walkers. Because of an accident a few years ago, this is a walk and trot Ride and you must NOT take your horse down to the water’s edge. There are a number of gates - all the tricky ones are manned by stewards. Priority will be given to entrants bringing two or more riders. Local riders-in will not be limited.

  • Entrants arriving by vehicle MUST NOT arrive before 3.15pm and MUST obey the precise instructions of the parking stewards.
  • Riders should come prepared for a swift commencement of, and completion/departure from the Ride.
  • There is not space on the verge to safely wash down horses etc.
  • Anglian Water will be contacted the week before to put out warning notices to cyclists.
  • You must bring your own Hi-viz as there as there will not be a Ride Secretary from whom to collect.
  • Rosettes will be given out by the last gates' steward.
  • Riders arriving early could have the option of going around the track twice should they wish, making a total length of 11 miles.
  • Companions are welcome to cycle round with their rider/s.
  • There is a good pub in Hambleton village but please do not stop there on the way round - only afterwards - as the organisers have to poo-pick the track at the end of the event.

Please contact Roger Linford for further information.

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