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Hicks Lodge LRBA Ride

17 June 2018


Hicks Lodge One and a half miles plus optional loop making it 13.5 miles. Difficulty level GRADE 3. Set in the National Forest, the ride starts at Short Heath on a permissive grass BW, which on crossing a road becomes a track. The route then follows the canal towpath to Moira Furnace where you cross the canal on a swing-bridge – a steward will be available here to assist if necessary. On leaving the canal-side, the route follows the road (this may change if the route through the new housing estate is open in time). A short way to a multi-use trail which leads to Hicks Lodge. Here there is a lovely grass BW through Shellbrook Wood, with lots of cantering opportunities.

The wood is also used by a separate cycle trail and the trails do cross at points. Returning to Hicks Lodge, if you wish you can leave your horse in the corral whilst you get some refreshments. Leaving Hicks Lodge the route follows roads for a mile (it may be possible to do some of this off-road, but this is not yet confirmed) until you come to a gate into a field – there will be a steward here to assist with the gate, however there are another two gates to negotiate independently. There may be stock in the fields. The route then takes you onto Boothorpe/Hanging Hill permissive BWs where you can canter across the beautiful parkland. This ends on a track, leading down to a road which you cross. Traffic can be quite fast on this road but you have good visibility.

After crossing the road, those doing the shorter route follow the track to Conkers Discovery Car Park, at the end of which there is a tunnel through which a small train also runs – a steward will be available here to assist if necessary. Those wishing to extend the Ride turn in the opposite direction on a track alongside a road to a step - over towards Albert Village Lake. The route follows the lakeside and then turns away to cross a road where the track leads through woods to eventually return to the start.

There are further details and entry form are on the LRBA website

For more details and to book your place, please contact Ann Hughes.

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