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Foal to Goal Lecture Demonstration by Katie Macalister

20 July 2015

Katie Macalister is an internationally-recognised registered SEBC equine behaviour consultant and examiner for the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants.

Katie uses evidence based, scientific training principles in combination with her vast, practical experience to teach people to solve and manage a wide array of undesirable equine behaviours. She educates people about equitation and behavioural science in a practical, fun and innovative way with the aim of improving welfare for horses, ponies, donkeys and their hybrids.

Katie provides a popular referral service for veterinary surgeons and owners.

This lecture demo will focus on how horse training can be progressive from a foal training right through to successful ridden horse training. The lecture puts equine learning theory in to practice and teaches spectators about using the theory of learning to train horses and achieve excellence whatever the discipline.

Demonstration starts at 7.30pm


£5 booked in advance - book online

£8 on the door on the night.

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