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The Pennine Rendezvous

24 May 2015


Kirklees Bridleways Group are raising money for Access Week 2015!

The Pennine Rendezvous is being resurrected by Kirklees Bridleways Group’s new chairman, Mark Corrigan.  For those too young to know, the Pennine Rendezvous was an annual pleasure ride held in the South Pennines from 1989 to 2003, with rides attracting between 60 and 130 riders.

Each year the Rendezvous was hosted by a different group.  The format was simple: a central venue was chosen for the Rendezvous itself and local groups then worked out a route to the venue and a route home – preferably by a different way.

The purpose was to introduce people to the beauty of the South Pennines with its multiplicity of historic routes. Venues included Blackstone Edge, Towneley Park, Mankinholes, Watergove, Marsden, Thameside, Oxenhope . . .

Now in 2015, Mark and Bev Corrigan (Kirklees Bridleways Group) have decided to resurrect the Pennnine Rendezvous.

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