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Norfolk Horse Training and Equitation Club

We firmly believe that all owners/handlers should develop their groundwork skills to aid in the joint communication/ training of their equines. 

Our methods of delivery for both groundwork and riding are simple and easy to understand. We use methods that do not promote conflict and do not compromise the health of the horse. 

The methods we use are based upon applied equine ethology and learning theory. In short, we use the genetic make-up of the horse and the horses individual ability to learn, to aid us in effective training. 

All training concepts that we promote are based on equine science research that includes positive and negative reinforcement; clicker; understanding pressure and release; riding for mutual posture etc.

We also offer free advice to our members on equine behaviour, care and management so that they are better able (whatever their circumstances) to provide an environment as close to the way nature intended.

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