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Volunteers' League


BRC Volunteer League

How to Take Part

Participants do not need to be members of a BRC Club to enter the leagues, but for non-members, volunteers must have signed up to the BRC Volunteers’ Club prior to gaining points, which is free to join, email for further information.

Volunteers will need to fill out all details on the card downloaded from the website and return to BRC HQ each month. It is the volunteers’ responsibility to download the point’s card and fill it out upon finishing your role. Checks will be carried out by BRC HQ to ensure the information provided is correct.

The league will commence on 1 January 2021 and will finish on 31 October 2021. Point cards will need to be posted or emailed to BRC by the 7 day of every month.

Points will be awarded in half hour increments at 0.5 per half hour.  

Points will not be allocated retrospectively. Activities can include but not limited to social events, training camps and competitions. Paid volunteers (such as judges) will not be permitted to enter the leagues.

Rosettes will be awarded to 10th in each league with a sash to first place. A prize for each league will be awarded to first place.


Download the Volunteer League points card PDF

Download the BRC Volunteer League poster here


After the success of the 2020 Volunteers’ League, BRC are delighted to enter its fourth year. There are two leagues as outlined below: 

Club League

Club level will be for volunteers who help at club activities or area competitions run under BRC rules. Aimed at dressage writers, stewards, flu vac checkers etc. Can also include team volunteers where a club is required as part of entry to send a volunteer. Those volunteering as part of their committee role will need to use the Committee League.

Committee/Official League

The Committee/Official League is open to all volunteer committee members whether they are on a club, area or organising committee, an official steward or area representatives. Where a volunteer is on more than one of the above for example an area committee and an official steward, points will be gained separately so would be on the league twice and will need to make it clear on the points card. 

For example:

1st Jennie Pallett – Area Committee – 20 hours – 20 points

2nd Joe Bloggs – Area Committee – 10 hours – 10 points

3rd Jennie Pallett – Official Steward – 5 hours – 5 points

4th Joe Bloggs – Club Committee – 1.5 hours – 1.5 points


League Results

Club League

Volunteer League Club points 2021 -Final results 12/11/2021


Committee League
Volunteer League Committee 2021 










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