Volunteer Talk

Welcome to the brand new BRC Volunteer Talk page

Have you ever wondered what it is like to volunteer for British Riding Clubs at our 7 championships throughout the year or at your local club show? BRC has been getting in touch with our wonderful volunteers to hear what they think about their roles! Chats will be posted here where you can find out all you need to know about the role straight from the horse’s mouth. 

If you want to get involved with volunteering, here’s what you can do: 
• Get in contact with your local club to see what’s on
• Contact BRC HQ on merlin.perlo@bhs.org.uk to see what roles we have at championship
• Put pictures on your social media with the hashtag #BRCvolunteers

Ducks Cake and Whistles - Our very first chat is with two of our lovely fence judges, see what they have to say! 

Calculators Cruise's and Score Sheets - Our second installment with our lovely scorer Emma Bradley.

Swans Friends and Woolly Hats- The third installment with one of BRC's Official Stewards.

Valegro, The Arctic Circle and a Five Star winner-  The fourth Volunteer Talk with Elstead RC team manager.

Excel, Deadlines and those Break Through Moments-  New Look! Find out what Saffron Walden & District RC membership secretary had to say in out fifth installment. 



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