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BRC Handbook

The BRC Handbook contains everything you need to know to compete in official Riding Club competitions, including what you and your horse are allowed to wear, eligibility criteria and rules for all the different qualifiers and Championships. We have also combined the BRC Rulebook, Organiser's Book and Affiliation Pack into just one book - the BRC Handbook, which now provides comprehensive information for everyone taking part in all BRC events and activities.

The 2022 Handbook is available to download (PDF) and hard copies are for sale via BHS Shop for £7.

To view the Handbook, you'll need Adobe Reader (version X or higher). This is a free piece of software that can be downloaded from the Adobe website (opens in new window).

BRC Rule Amendments and Changes

BRC on occasion may make a rule change after printing the current rule book. Any significant rule amendments and changes will be periodically updated with a date at the top showing when the document was changed and they will be available to download from links below.

Rule amendments for 2022 (PDF) *Updated 13 June 2022*

Flu Vaccinations Update (PDF)


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