BRC Tests

BRC Tests

Please find below the BRC tests that we currently use for either Qualifiers or Championships which are available to download.  All downloads are PDF files unless otherwise stated.

Score sheets can be purchased through the BHS Bookshop. (Please note, HT 'C' score sheets are not available to purchase as these are championship tests).


Horse Trials Qualifier Tests

For 2019, the Horse Trials tests will be different to previous years. BE tests will be used this year and can be downloaded via the BE website via the following link They will be as follows:

HT80 - BE90 Dressage 91 (2009)
Open HT80 - BE90 Dressage 91 (2009)
HT90 - BE90 Dressage 95 (2012)
HT100 - BE100 Dressage 101 (2009)
HT100+ - BE Novice Dressage 110 (2012)

Horse Trials Championship Tests

HT80 - BE90 Dressage 92 (2009)
Open HT80 - BE90 Dressage 93 (2009)
HT90 - BE90 Dressage 98 (2018)
HT100 - BE100 Dressage 109 (2018)
HT100+ - BE Novice Dressage 113 (2009)

National Championship Tests

BRC Pairs Dressage Test 5 (2014) Test Sheet

BRC Junior Team of Four Test (2013) Test Sheet

BRC Senior Team of Four Test (2013) Test Sheet

BRC Style Jumping Criteria (2017)

For 2019, the Riding Test tests will be different to previous years. BD tests will be used this year but they will continue to be marked as Riding Tests, which can be found on the BD website: The tests will be as follows:

Senior Riding Test Prelim: Prelim 2 (2016)

Senior Riding Test Novice: Novice 30 (2006)

Junior Riding Test: Prelim 7 (2002)

Dressage to Music Championship Tests

BRC Pairs DTM (2018) Test Sheet

BRC Novice Pairs DTM (2018) Test Sheet

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