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Affiliate Your Club/Centre

If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliated Riding Clubs we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Alice Padolsey at to receive an information pack and application form.

Your local representative will arrange to visit your club to confirm the following criteria are met before recommending the club for provisional affiliation.

1.  The club has 12 adult riding members of 18 years of age and over 
2.  There is a committee comprising at least a chairman, treasurer, secretary. These must be different individuals and the committee should have at least three other committee members who should be independent, which in this case means not related or living together. No committee member may be undischarged bankrupts. If the club has any junior members there must be a Club Safeguarding Officer on the committee and BRC must hold their details on file. 
3.  The club must have held two committee meetings (with minutes available) 
4.  The Club must not exist for social or insurance reasons 
5.  The Club is to have its own bank account with a minimum balance of £100
6.  The Club must have schedule of planned activities for its members
7.  A sample copy of the club constitution is available from our downloads
8.  Access to facilities for mounted events - owned or hired.

Your club will be provisionally affiliated for one year, after which our representative will either approve the club for full affiliation, or may choose to visit you again.


There is a one-off registration fee of £75 which covers the Riding Club insurance until 31st January the following year. Your local BRC Area may also charge an annual fee for members; ask your local representative for details on charges.

At the end of the calendar year, there is a fee of £16 per member to cover the cost of BRC organisation, membership benefits, insurance and activities, this fee is applicable to all registered British Riding Clubs provisional or fully affiliated. There is also a Corporate Insurance Fee paid to South Essex Insurance Brokers via BRC. This is £175 for clubs with up to 80 members, and £200 for clubs with more than 80 members.


BRC divides the UK into 23 administrative areas. Each area elects an Area Representative and a Liaison Committee.

The Area Liaison Committee promotes co-operation between member clubs within the area and runs area events.

BRC Centre Membership Scheme

BHS Approved Riding Schools can apply to join the British Riding Clubs Centre Membership Scheme with no set-up fee for their establishment, this will enable them to offer their riding school clients the opportunity to join the BRC movement. On the left you will find four BRC Centre case studies, detailing events and activities that work well at the Centres.

The BRC Centre Membership Scheme is designed to give non horse owning riders many of the advantages of BRC membership, helping them to improve their riding and horse care knowledge through recognised BRC training and assessments and also a competition league covering dressage, style jumping and showing, along with a few fun novelty classes for the non riders, fantastic prizes are available for both the top Centres, Centre Members and Centre Instructors. 

The BRC Centre Starter Pack and Application Form can be found on the right. For more information contact Alice on 02476 840599 or email 


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