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British Riding Clubs

British Riding Clubs

British Riding Clubs (BRC) exists to provide support and encouragement to amateur riders of all levels – from the dedicated competitor to the happy hacker. We offer a range of events, training and qualifications through over 500 clubs and centres right across the UK.

Our clubs and centres give BRC members the chance to ride, compete and train together at national competitions, training and social events. Find out more about what joining a club can do for you and how to affiliate your club to BRC in this section.



Join us

Join us

Want access to the training, competitions, qualifications and support that British Riding Clubs (BRC) offers? Why not join our 34,000 other members?

BRC Competitions


As well as competitions for all levels arranged by local clubs, BRC run six Championships per year as well as classes at some of the biggest equestrian events in the UK.



Designed to help you get the most from your experience with horses, there are many different training opportunities open to all senior and junior members.


Novice Winter Championships

Novice Winter Championships

Looking for a goal for the darker months? Sponsored by KBIS, we've got dressage and show jumping championships and qualifiers for you to aim for.

Intermediate Winter Championships

Novice Winter Championships

Looking for a goal for the darker months? We've got a new Intermediate Winter Championships for you to aim for in dressage show jumping, sponsored by Equi-Thème.

BRC Festival of the Horse

NAF Festival of the Horse

Sponsored by Horslyx, this Championship features combined training, show jumping and cross country, and showing classes.

Horse Trials Championships

Animalife Horse Trials Championships

Sponsored by NAF, this Championship hosts five classes for junior and senior teams and individuals.

National Championships

BRC NAF National Championships

The National Championships, sponsored by NAF, are held in September with Dressage, Riding Test, Show Jumping and Style Jumping classes.

Dressage to Music


The Dressage to Music and Quadrille selection trials are held at the end of September and are great fun to get involved in.

Other Competitions


We run Championships across a multitude of disciplines with something for every rider.

Stay informed

BRC Handbook


Find out all you need to know about competing at BRC events with the latest version of our handbook.

Volunteers Club

BRC Volunteers Club

Running our Championships would not be possible without volunteers. Our Club provides a range of membership benefits and rewards.


BRC Downloads

Find entry forms, test sheets, handbooks, and materials to promote your Club or Centre.

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