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Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate

The Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (which replaces the Horse Owners Certificates) is a 'classroom' based certificate that will teach you the principles of caring for horses. No practical or ridden work or experience is necessary to take part. 

Who is it for?

This certificate is held at two levels: Entry Level and Level One and is suitable for learners of all ages, including parents of horse riders and owners. However, we recommend a minimum age of 12 years. You can enter at either level, although if you are new to horses or have limited background knowledge we recommend you start at Entry Level. 

This qualification is specifically aimed at the first-time horse owner or carer, parents of horse owners, potential horse owners or anyone else interested in the care and welfare of horses.

The assessment of this qualification will be through a written assessment via exam papers produced directly by the BHS. On achievement of the qualification, all certificates will be sent to the coach, who will forward them on to candidates. 

How do I apply to do the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate?

You can complete the training for this certificate anywhere. With no practical work involved, you don't need to be at a centre or club.

If you are interested in gaining the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate, you can find a BHS Accredited Professional Coach in your area who teaches the syllabus.

View our Participation Project Qualifications Brochure to get the course overview. 

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