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Interested in riding? Here's your chance to get more involved!

What is it?

In a nutshell, it's the chance for you to get more involved in horses and equestrianism.

It's about getting people who are just a little bit interested, out into the fresh air to say 'hi' to horses in person, and people who already hang out with horses on a regular basis on the path to getting some qualifications to expand their equine knowledge. The idea is that everybody of all levels of interest get talking to each other, sharing advice, knowledge and education, so they can become confident and ride more often.

Who can get involved?

The best thing about this is that it's open to everybody, especially those who want to learn more and increase their confidence with and around horses – whether this is as a horse owner, rider, sharer or a mum and dad wishing to find out more. Everyone can get involved in via their local BHS Approved Centre or BHS Registered Instructor

Although it's mainly aimed at people 26 years and above, it is open to anyone, of any age, wanting to become more involved in equestrianism and gain a qualification. It will also support the transition to horse ownership and give confidence to existing horse owners to continue their enjoyment and education for longer. Whether you’re riding at an approved riding school, own a horse at a livery yard or at home, or have lessons with a registered instructor, you can get involved in some way.

What are the benefits to you?

•    Goodie bag for each participant and instructor/centre
•    Access to support, advice and resources to engage your livery yard clients
•    Access to BHS activities in your area and a network of support
•    Gaining a qualification
•    Increase participation with your horse and your peers.

What's in the goodie bag?

Everyone who gets involved will get a goodie bag containing...
•    Drawstring bag
•    Notepad
•    Pen
•    BHS earwarmer
•    Popper wallet
•    Sweets

How much does it cost?

It's entirely down to the centre to set the course fees. These will also very depending on the level of the course.

Is there any funding?

The project is funded by Sport England through the British Equestrian Federation and The British Horse Society to ensure we increase participation at grassroots level. The funding will be used to provide student and organiser goodie bags which include lots of useful stuff to help anyone who attending one of the courses. The British Horse Society is waiving any certification fees for both the EHKC and PRT courses.

How do I get involved?

•    Contact us:
North – Becky Lindley, or 07773 043103
South – Michelle Davis, or 07773 043112

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