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Why BHS Qualifications

Why should I have British Horse Society qualifications?

Our examinations system is one of the best and most widely respected in the world. Our progressive route encourages you to continue, leading from beginner level to world class qualifications.

The advice, guidelines and syllabus for every level mean that you can be sure of what you'll be asked to do and also be sure you're making the right choice in taking your exams with us. Once you're qualified, you can also attend professional development events to push your skills even further.

Our exams are held at Approved Establishments. There are currently 60 of these worldwide, and we're always looking to expand.

The majority of our professional qualifications are on the Ofqual regulatory framework, and are awarded by EQL.

Who is EQL?

Equestrian Qualifications GB Limited (EQL) is the Awarding Body for BHS qualifications. They are accredited by Ofqual, the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator, this means that our qualifications must comply with a range of criteria, including robust assessment methods and high quality assurance standards. 

Every year almost 12,000 people are awarded certificates and develop their equestrian skills and knowledge. Our qualifications are also internationally recognised benchmarks. Start your educational journey today and be the best that you can be. 

For a full list and more information about the examinations awarded by EQL, please visit their website.

The British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (BHSAI) qualification

A BHSAI should have a sound level of practical experience, and be able to look after several horses in an unsupervised environment. They will have experience riding a variety of horses in a variety of situations and begin to be able to school horses. They will have experience coaching beginner riders and riders up to Stage 2. An example of a Stage 2 rider may be a rider who is secure, balanced and competent with and without stirrups in walk, trot and canter and who can jump up to 76cm/2'6.  A BHSAI may need support to develop their skills and experience further and should be supervised in new or challenging situations.

The British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor (BHSII) qualification

A BHSII will be able to take charge and look after a number of horses in a variety of situations. They will have sound practical business knowledge and will be able to take responsibility for yard organisation. A BHSII will have experience teaching a wide range of clients from beginners to more experienced riders. They will be able to coach riders and train horses to BD Elementary, BS Discovery and BE100, and should be able to create genuine improvement in both horses and riders. A person with their BHSII will be able work without supervision and should be able to take on a role with greater responsibility and may be suitable for a managerial role.

The British Horse Society Instructor (BHSI) qualification

A BHSI should be capable of fulfilling a senior role within an equestrian business. They will be an established coach and trainer across all three original Olympic disciplines and be able to coach riders and train horses to BD Advanced Medium, BS Foxhunter and BE Intermediate. A BHSI will have sound knowledge in all aspects of business management and horse care including maintaining horse health, care of competition horses and the breeding and management of young horses. They should be excellent yard managers and be able to train and supervise staff and students and give career advice.

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