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BHS Exams and Training Course Policies

Our policies and procedures ensure that the assessment and training we offer provide a quality experience for the candidates/learners and that our practices are fair and transparent. 

These policies apply to all BHS examinations and training courses.

Complaints and Appeals

If you would like to make a complaint or appeal a decision made by BHS Education, please read the policy and guidance below:
BHS Education Department Appeals and Complaints Policy
How to Make a Complaint
How to Make an Appeal
Disciplinary Procedure for BHS Registered Instructors, Assessors, Verifiers, and Educators

Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration

If you have a permanent or temporary disability and would like to request an adjustment your assessment or training course, please read the policy and then fill in the relevant application form below:
BHS Education Policy and Procedure for Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration
Reasonable Adjustment Application Form
Special Consideration Application Form


If English is your second or additional language we may be able to arrange a translator for your assessment, please read the guidance below:  
Process for Requesting a Translator

Maladministration and Malpractice

BHS Education Malpractice and Maladministration Policy
Maladministration and Malpractice Guidance

Data Protection

BHS Education Department Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

Equality and Diversity

BHS Education Equality and Diversity Policy

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