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UK Coaching Certificates (UKCCs) are qualifications designed to raise the level of coaching skills throughout the UK in all sports.

Recognised by the Qualifications and Credit Framework, all three levels are endorsed by Sports Coach UK. They are designed for coaching only and do not recognise horse care or riding skills. In these areas, BHS qualifications remain the major qualifications, and when coupled with UKCCs show that those within the industry have the necessary all-round equestrian skills and knowledge.

The first three levels of UK Coaching Certificates are:

  • Level 1 Coaching Assistant (below PTT level)
  • Level 2 (PTT level)
  • Level 3 (Intermediate Teaching Test level).

Level 2 in England and Wales

The UKCC Level 2 will continue to be availble to candidates taking the BHS Preliminary Teaching Test in 2016.  However, training courses for the UKCC Level 2 for those who gained the PTT prior to the UKCC (before 2007), are under review and details of future training courses and opportunities to gain this qualification will be released around June-July 2016.

Level 2 and PTT

The PTT element has been amended slightly to bring the qualification up to date with industry requirements and bring it in line with the UKCC Endorsed Level 2 qualification.

Candidates who have passed the PTT are required to complete a portfolio. This counts towards both the Level 2 (UKCC Endorsed) Certificate in Coaching and with the Stage 3 in Riding and Horse Knowledge and Care, the BHS Assistant Instructor Qualification . Candidates will receive information on completing their portfolio when they apply for the Preliminary Teaching Test. Candidates will also have the opportunity to register for the Level 2 (UKCC Endorsed) Certificate in Coaching.

Level 2 in Scotland

The course content is the same as above, however, the course is only open to BHS Registered Instructors. Candidates will be registered with Horsescotland for this qualification and the following criteria apply:-

  • Candidates who had passed the PTT exam prior to March 2007 will need to attend a two day training course.
  • Candidates who have passed the PTT between January 2007 and 1 June 2014 will not be required to attend a two day training course but will be required to complete the BHS PTT Coaching Portfolio plus a section of the Horsescotland portfolio.
  • Candidates who passed the PTT after 1st June 2014 will need to complete the Horsescotland Level 2 Portfolio.

Prices vary depending on the criteria and prices and registration forms can be requested from the BHS Education Department.

All UKCC Top Up courses class as CPD days for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches.

For courses available and current fees please contact either or telephone the BHS Education Department on 02476 840508.

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