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Cross-Country Course Walking


To develop and enhance the skills of all British Eventing Coaches who as part of their role undertake cross country course walks with competitors either as part of a squad, team or with individual clients.


  • Initial meeting, informal coffee to discuss the plan for the day.
  • Split into groups of two or four and walk identified cross-country course/courses making notes and completing an evaluation form. This will be followed by a group discussion led by the cross country course designer looking at the overall flow of the course, key questions raised around the course, options and possibilities, the variation within the levels and the different types of questions being asked, as well as ground conditions and other factors to consider on the day.
  • Following the evaluation and discussion coaches will work in groups and spend a couple of hours observing of the course being jumped - these study groups will move around the course. During this time discussion will take place covering the delivery of course walks, managing groups, the language used, options and choices offered, standards and levels being observed.
  • Towards the end of the day everybody will regroup and a general discussion and reflection will take place. This will then be followed where appropriate, with a return visit to the course to look at footprints on the key combinations or specifically identified fences.
  • Conclusion- summing up and the way forwards for development and support.

The timetable for each day will be flexible and dependent on commitments of both the course designer and the lead coach, although you will need to be on site at the beginning and the end of the day, there will be personal time within the day and we appreciate that some of you will potentially have coaching commitments. The study groups can be flexible to accommodate everybody needs.

The courses will be funded completely for the Under 18 Regional Coaches, or British Eventing Youth Team Coaches, a nominal fee of £20.00 will be required of any other coach wishing to attend.

The day at Burnham Market will be open coaches sitting on the BE Coaches list or above.

These courses will go up on the training website; however an email will be sent out to all accredited coaches from the office, anyone wishing to book that is not required to pay needs to contact the office directly.

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