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Horse Knowledge Care and Riding Stage 3

Who is this qualification for, and what is needed to enter it?

  • The BHS Stage Three is suitable for those aged 17 and over.
  • To enter the exam you will need to have passed your BHS Stage Two.
  • The Horse Knowledge and Care section builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at Stage Two, and also includes: caring and fitting tack for the competition horse; and understanding horse conformation and physiology.
  • The riding is split into two sections: flat and jumping, which includes show jumping (3’3ft/1m) and cross country (3ft/91cm).

Why should you do the BHS Stage Three?

Your skills and knowledge will progress to enable you to take your place as a professional within the industry. The Stage Three is a component of the BHSAI certificate (link), our first level of instructor. If you are looking for a career as a groom, you will be able to join the Register of Grooms.

What will a person with their BHS Stage Three be able to do in a professional environment?

A person who holds their BHS Stage Three will have the ability to look after up to four horses in stables and at grass in an unsupervised environment, ensuring that horses, stables, yard and fields are safe and in good order. They will be able to ride a variety of horses in a variety of circumstances. They will begin to school horses and ride according to the horse’s needs.

How do you train for the BHS Stage Three?

The best way to train is through a BHS Approved Riding Centre or with a BHS Registered Instructor. Often there are courses set up specifically designed to prepare you for the exam, but if not centres and instructors will be able to cater training for your individual needs. It is also advisable to contact your exam venue, as they may be running training courses before the exam. It may be useful to go for a riding lesson at a BHS exam venue, as you need to feel comfortable riding different horses, that may be more forward or more laid back than you are used to.

Take a look at our bookshop where you’ll find DVDs and books to help with your revision.

Where can you take the exam?

Our exams are held at BHS Approved Training Centres, please see the dates and venues below.

When you have taken BHS Stage Three, what is the next step?

When you have achieved BHS Stage Three you will be eligible to enter the BHS Stage Four. It is advisable to allow some time to build your experience by working in the industry and developing your knowledge and riding skills before entering the BHS Stage Four. If you take the BHS Stage Three Horse Knowledge and Care only or Riding only you may progress to the BHS Stage Four Horse Knowledge and Care or Riding, respectively.

If you are unsuccessful in any section of your exam, you will not be required to retake the whole exam - you will retake the specific unit(s) only.

Important booking information: please be aware, exams close two weeks prior to the exam date. Entry will close at 5pm the night before this 14-day period begins, i.e. if the exam you would like to book is on the 20th of any given month, you must be booked on by 5pm on the 5th.

If your exam is on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, entry will close at 3pm on the Friday before the 14-day period begins.

Please see the step-by-step guide below on how to book your exam.

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How to apply

  1. Step 1

    Before applying for your exam, you’ll need to become a Gold member of the BHS. Candidates living overseas who intend to take their exams overseas may take exams with BHS E-membership. Candidates living overseas who wish to take their exams in the UK will require Overseas Full Membership.

    You can pay for your membership by monthly or annual Direct Debit, as well as credit or debit card. If you choose to pay by annual Direct Debit, you’ll also receive a £5 discount on your first year’s payment. Join online now or call our membership team on 02476 840506.

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    We recommend you apply for your exam three to four months before you wish to take it, as this gives you the best chance of getting your preferred venue and date. You need to complete an application form or call the Education Department on 02476 840508. Please make sure you have your membership number and credit or debit card details handy.

  3. Step 3

    You will receive a confirmation letter in the post confirming your exam date and time. If you have not received this or are unsure, please contact the Education Department. Please be aware that dates on the website are subject to change, so refer to your confirmation letter for your exam date and time.

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