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Senior Equitation and Coaching

Who is this qualification for, and what is needed to enter it?

  • You will need to be aged 22 years old or over to take these exams.
  • To enter the senior equitation you will need to have passed your BHS stage four riding.
  • To enter the senior coach you will need to have passed your BHS ITT.
  • These exams can be taken on the same day or taken separately
  • There are four sections to the SE exam which include: assessing a horse, dressage riding (advanced medium), jump riding (showjumping, 1.15m and cross country, 1.10m) and lunging.
  • During the SC exam you will be required to coach a private dressage lesson, a private jumping lesson, and be able to evaluate horses and riders.  There is a theory section where your knowledge on training and careers will be assessed.

Why should you do the BHS Senior Equitation and the BHS Senior Coach?

These qualifications are a component part of the BHSI.  The senior equitation will recognise your skill and expertise for training a range of horses.  This will not only have benefits in a professional environment, but will also develop and provide enhancement to your own personal riding skills and experience. The senior coach will recognise your skill and expertise as a coach to riders and an educator to students.

What will a person with their BHS Senior Equitation and BHS Senior Coach be able to do in a professional environment?

A person who holds their BHS senior equitation will be a competent and knowledgeable horse person with a sound grasp of the principles of training horses on the flat and over fences up to and including movements at British Dressage advance medium, British Eventing intermediate horse trials and BS foxhunter.  They will also be capable of training young and spoiled horses from the ground.  They will be a competent professional rider and trainer and will be competent to hold a senior or management position in a commercial business.

A person who holds their BHS senior coach will be an effective coach with sound teaching and equitation principles, and able to give lessons up to and including BD advanced medium, BE intermediate horse trials and BS foxhunter. They will have the ability to train students and pupils for BHS examinations and competitions and coach private and class lessons. In addition, they will be able to offer advice on training and careers.

How do you train for the BHS Senior Equitation and BHS Senior Coach?

Training can be provided by BHS approved centres and BHS registered instructors. You should be looking for a coach who is a BHSI or FBHS. Competition experience is a valuable asset and you should have accrued experience and knowledge of riding a variety of horses throughout your career so far with horses. For the senior coach exam you should have gained experience coaching competition riders and training students for examinations.

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Where can you take the exam?

Our exams are held at BHS approved training centres, please see the dates and venues below.

When you have achieved BHS Senior Equitation, what is the next step?

If you have not yet achieved the stable managers exam this would be your next step to achieve your BHSI. When you have achieved the BHSI, the fellowship will be your next goal.

Important Booking Information: please be aware exams close two weeks prior to the exam date. Entry will close at 5pm on the night before this 14 day period begins. For example, if the exam you would like to book for is on the 20th of any given month, you must be booked on by 5pm on the 5th.

If your exam is on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, entry will close at 3pm on the Friday before the 14-day period begins.

Please see the step by step guide below on how to book your exam.

Next Exams:

South, 05/09/2017
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Hampshire - RG27 0LJ
West Midlands, 20/09/2017
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Staffordshire - ST18 0RE
South West, 11/10/2017
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Somerset - BA16 0YD

How to apply

  1. Step 1

    Before applying for your exam, you will need to become a gold member of the BHS. Candidates living overseas who intend to take their exams overseas may take exams with BHS e-membership. Candidates living overseas who wish to take their exams in the UK will require full overseas membership.

    You can pay for your membership by monthly or annual direct debit, as well as credit or debit card. If you choose to pay by annual direct debit, you will also receive a £5 discount on your first year’s payment. Join online now or call our membership team on 02476 840506.

  2. Step 2

    We recommend you apply for your exam three to four months before you wish to take it, as this gives you the best chance of getting your preferred venue and date. You need to complete an application form or call the education department on 02476 840508. Please make sure you have your membership number and credit or debit card details handy.

  3. Step 3

    You will receive confirmation letter in the post confirming your exam date and time. If you have not received this or are unsure please contact the education department. Please be aware that dates on the website are subject to change so please refer to your confirmation letter for your exam date and time.

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