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Top Tips from Ann Bostock BHSI

Ann Bostock BHSIBHS Exams can be a daunting experience – and understandably more so for those taking them for the first time. Preparation is the key to being relaxed, calm and organised and will no doubt ease those nerves! I find that a lot of candidates will forget even the simplest items or information on the day. If you remember my few helpful tips, you’ll hopefully be prepared for most eventualities on the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with your chosen exam centre, then make sure you get good directions before the day of the exam.
Print or write them out with a map and take them with you as back up in case you get lost. Establishments are often in the middle of nowhere and may not be picked up sat navs. Plan your route before you set off and ring the centre if necessary for final directions.

Have the centre’s telephone number to hand to contact them in case you get stuck in traffic or lost.
The start of the exam can’t be delayed for you but even if you are late, you still might be able to take some units.

Remember to bring your membership card and exam confirmation letter to the exam with you.
This will save time on the day.

Bring a spare set of clothes for cold or wet weather.
Even if it’s a bright, sunny morning, don’t forget that horse riding is an outdoor sport and the weather can soon change. Your exam centre may have an indoor school to ride in, but even they can be cold on the warmest of days.

The most important thing to remember is that all the assessors understand how you are feeling and wish to put you at ease. We’ve all been BHS exam candidates at some point, too!

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