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Mounted Police Officers

Mounted police officers work as part of the emergency services to act as back up where it wouldn’t be safe to have men on the ground. Opportunities are limited as not all forces have a mounted section. 

Responsibilities include:
• Safeguarding the community through the crowd control or acting as a barrier to potentially threatening behaviour
• Attending sporting events, demonstrations and other high profile events
• Mounted patrolling
• Ceremonial duties, from escorting royalty to ceremonial military movements
• Demonstrations and activity rides at exhibitions and events
• General care and grooming of the horses
• Care of tack and equipment
• Liaising with the local community.

Necessary qualifications/experience

In order to qualify as a mounted police officer, you'll initially have to become a normal police officer. You'll then be able to specialise in a specific area of the police force after three years. No previous riding experience is necessary.

Personal specification

First and foremost is your role as a police officer - so you must have a genuine desire to serve the public and your local community. You must be quick-thinking, open to change, a team player and have excellent communication skills. Anyone thinking of pursuing a career as a mounted police officer need to demonstrate brilliant physical fitness, determination and have a genuine admiration of horses. 

Further information
Forces that have a Mounted Police division are listed on the left.

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