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Farriery is any work in connection with the preparation or treatment of the foot of a horse for the immediate reception of a shoe. A farrier is a highly-skilled craftsperson. Farriery is an extremely physically demanding career working outdoors in all weather. Farriers are usually self-employed.

Responsibilities include:
• Creating and shaping the shoe 
• Fitting the shoe to the horse 
• Communicating to owners of the horses 
• Filing and trimming feet
• Corrective shoeing following lameness, disease or injury.

Necessary qualifications/experience

Farriers must register with The Farriers Registration Council in order to practice legally. You'll need to complete anAdvanced Apprenticeship placement (lasting four years and two months) while employed by an Approved Training Farrier. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for the course. You'll also have to complete 23 weeks of off-the-job training at an approved college.

Approved Colleges within the UK are:
• Herefordshire College of Technology
• Myerscough College (Preston)
• Warwickshire College.

Personal specification

Farriers rely on good hand to eye coordination, strength and stamina. Good people skills are also essential when communicating to horse owners and vets and you must be confident around horses.

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