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Equine Tourism Careers

The equestrian tourism sector is a growing area with many career opportunities for anyone wishing to work at a riding holiday centre. 

Responsibilities include:
• Riding 
• Leading a trek
• Looking after individuals on their holiday
• Planning routes
• General care/wellbeing of the horses 

Necessary qualifications/experience

EQL Level 2 Diploma for the Ride Leader
This qualification is designed if you want to work either full or part-time in the equine industry. You will be competent at taking out two-hour rides or hacks, or assisting a Ride Leader with a group of riders. You have to be at least 16 years old to take this qualification.

EQL Level 3 Diploma for the Ride Leader
This qualification is suitable for those aged 18 or above, who want a more senior role. You'll be confident and able to take sole charge of a group of first-time or experienced riders. 

Equine Tourism Centre Manager
The Centre Manager is responsible for clients, tourist organisation and employees. You're responsible for operating a riding holiday centre, either as manager or owner, from both the practical and financial aspect. The BHS Equestrian Tourism Centre Manager qualification will suitably prepare you for this role.

Personal specification

Individuals working within the equine tourism industry have to be able to demonstrate the ability to be confident, have good communicational skills, able to act quickly in the event of an emergency, be organised 
To find more information regarding the ET qualifications just browse our website, email or call the Approvals team on 02476 840509.

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