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Careers as a Coach or Riding Instructor

Coaching can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career. The British Horse Society offers a range of high quality coaching/teaching qualifications encouraging development and progression. 

Responsibilities include:
• The development of horse and rider combinations
• Mental preparation of rider for competitions
• Developing and implementing training programmes
• Goal setting
• Lesson planning.

Necessary qualifications/experience

BHS Preliminary Teaching Test (BHS PTT)
The first qualification offered by the BHS for Instructors is the BHS PTT (EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding). This exam will test your skills and knowledge through practical and theory assessment. You'll also be able to gain the UKCC Level 2 (UKCC Endorsed) Certificate in Coaching by completing a portfolio of evidence. To take the PTT exam, you'll need a minimum of the BHS Stage 2 Care and BHS Stage 2 Riding (EQL Level 2 Diploma in BHS Horse Knowledge and Care and the EQL Level 2 Diploma in BHS Riding Horses) unless you have special dispensation. When you pass this exam, you'll be able to work in a commercial riding establishment or private yard or as a freelance coach/teacher.

BHS Assistant Instructor’s Certificate (BHSAI)
The BHSAI certificate will be awarded when you have successfully achieved BHS Stage 3 Care, BHS Stage 3 Riding, BHS PTT (EQL Level 3 Diploma in Horse Knowledge and Care, EQL Level 3 Diploma in BHS Riding Horses and EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding) and completed a Coaching Portfolio. 
A BHSAI will have many opportunities to teach and run small yards, as it's one of the most widely recognised equestrian qualifications in the world. It will give you an understanding of equitation and coaching theory and a sound level of practical experience.
The BHSAI is a recognised teaching qualification in many countries, which gives you the freedom to teach abroad. You can apply for an International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) Passport, administered in the UK by the BHS Education team. The passport confirms and recognises the holders’ qualifications, enabling recognition and acceptance in IGEQ member countries (subject to national legal requirements).

BHS Intermediate Instructor Certificate (BHSII)
The BHSII Certificate will be awarded once you have achieved the BHS Stage 4 Care, BHS Stage 4 Riding and BHS Intermediate Teaching Test (EQL Level 4 Diploma in BHS Horse Knowledge, Care and Management, EQL Level 4 Diploma in BHS Riding and Training Horses and the EQL Level 5 Diploma in BHS Intermediate Teaching of Horse Riding).
This requires a higher standard of horsemanship and coaching/teaching and is aimed at producing an equine coach/teacher who can work without supervision. You'll have experience teaching a wide variety of clients and training horses. You'll also be able to give safe and competent lessons from beginner to BD Elementary, BS Discovery and BE100 and show genuine improvement of horse and rider. This level of qualification could lead to a managerial position in a riding school or centre.

BHS Instructor’s Certificate (BHSI)
The BHSI Certificate is awarded when you have achieved the BHS Stable Manager Certificate, BHS Senior Equitation Certificate and BHS Senior Coach Certificate. A BHSI is an established coach across all three original Olympic disciplines, capable of fulfilling a senior role within an equestrian business. 

Fellow of The British Horse Society (FBHS)
The Fellowship is the final step on the equestrian qualification ladder in the UK and is the highest teaching qualification within the BHS system. A Fellow will be working full-time in the equestrian industry and already be training horses and riders to a high level and have sound training and management principles. From the day you start with horses, the Fellowship should be your ambition, your goal, and the jewel in your equestrian crown. Only by dedication, hard work, open-mindedness, fairness and a willingness to never stop learning will you pass this extremely prestigious examination.

Personal specification

Coaches will be able to demonstrate authority, have good communication skills, be determined, able to encourage and instil confidence in others. To find more information, browse our website, email or call the Education team on 02476 840508.

BHS Accredited Professionals

The BHS Accredited Professional coach membership is an exclusive register to allow horse owners and riders find a qualified coach who is proud of their qualifications, and dedicated to promoting welfare through education. The minimum requirement to join the Accredited Professional membership is the BHS PTT (EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding). By joining you will become part of a group of credible professionals, who hold internationally recognised qualifications. A

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