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  • Aug


    6 Aug 2017 -

    Braughing Park and Ride

    Park up, take a map and written instructions and follow the 10 mile route to Gravesend and back by the south of Furneux Pelham or follow the four new routes around Albury that vary between 10 and 16 miles. All these routes contain some on road riding...

  • Aug


    12 Aug 2017 -

    Arena TREC Training and Fun Competition


    TREC is all about trust between horse and rider/handler. You need obedience and steadiness plus a little bit of agility thrown in. This is a chance for you and your horse to gain confidence and practice negotiating obstacles that simulate those you m...

  • Aug


    13 Aug 2017 -

    Wheathampstead Park and Ride


    Park up, take a map and follow either the 8 mile or 15 mile routes through the new Hartwood Forest to Harpenden Common

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