Road Accidents

Did you know there is currently no requirement for any equestrian-related road accidents to be recorded, unless there is human injury that requires hospital treatment direct from the scene of the accident?

A horse can be killed, or a vehicle written off, and the accident may not be recorded anywhere. That is why the information we gather is so important. The BHS campaign for safer riding on the roads relies on information regarding incidents on the road sent in by you to tell us about your experiences.

Help us to help you

The BHS has collected and analysed reports of horse-related road accidents for a number of years. However, we know that regardless of our belief there are more than 3,000 equestrian-related accidents each year, we do not have the hard facts to back this up. 

We need you to let us know when you have been involved in an equestrian-related road incident. We also need you to let us know about any near-misses you may have had, whether it being from riding, leading or driving your horse. Let us know what happened; it's never too late to tell us.

Complete our online form now. Any near miss, incident, accident or road rage can be reported under the "Road Accident" category. We want to make our roads safer and need your help to do it.

If you want to talk about it with the BHS Safety Team, don't hesitate to call us on 02476 840516; we're always pleased to listen and help if we can.

Hard statistics can, and do, make a difference to those who make policy. If you've got experience to share, don’t leave it to someone else - do it yourself and tell us now!

THINK! Road Safety Around Horses

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