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Be Seen - Be Safe

By ensuring you have hi-viz clothing on yourself and your horse when you ride out, you can give drivers a better chance of seeing you in advance. This could be the difference as to whether a car avoids you, or hits you. 

Not everyone realises the importance of wearing hi-viz clothing. Our 'Don't Be a Dark Horse' poster (pdf) highlights the importance of riding safely on the roads. 
Take a look at this picture:

Hi-viz rider compared to a rider with no hi-viz

How long did it take you to notice the horse on the right?

Don't be in the dark this winter...

Many horse owners work full-time in order to be able to afford to keep their animals, meaning there's little option other than to exercise their horses either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. When days become shorter this may mean exercising in half-light. Think about wearing LED lighting, either on a band around your arm or leg. A red light facing the rear really stands out, even in daylight. Be seen - be safe.

There are many fluorescent or reflective colours and designs of clothing meaning there is something for everyone, regardless of style or funds available. There's something for every horse, too, with a wide variety of different accessories and colour co-ordinated pieces to match (or contrast) with your own hi-viz kit. Check out our hi-viz advice for more ideas and tips on standing right out in the right way!

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If you ride out on the roads, check you're keeping your horse and yourself as safe as you can - take the BHS Ride Safe Award.

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