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Free Leaflets and Advice

Find a range of useful leaflets to view and download below. All leaflets are in PDF format.

All the leaflets on this page contain advice for access and rights of way in England and Wales. The law in Scotland and Northern Ireland is very different so for advice on access in those countries, see Northern Ireland or Scotland.

The leaflets with a revised date are checked at least once a year. Older dates only mean that changes have not been needed; the information is still current.  If you have a leaflet which is not listed, it has probably been superseded. Contact for the latest advice (or phone 02476 840515).

Title Revised Date


All about access– a brief introduction Jul-16

Where to ride and drive

Responsible riding and carriage driving Aug-15
Finding places to ride and carriage drive Jan-13
Riding on beaches Aug-13
Permissive routes Aug-15
Hacking Feb-16
Hill and upland riding Aug-15
Opening gates Jan-16

What you may find on bridleways and byways

Blocked and difficult to use bridleways and byways
Dealing with confrontation Jan-12
Diverting a right of way Jan-12
Electric fencing Feb-16
Fly-grazing Jul-16
Horse dung (recommended words for Site Notice) Feb-17
Level crossings Aug-15
Stallions on bridleways Jan-13
Riding through livestock and horses Aug-15
Lobbying Jan-13
Town and country planning affecting riders and carriage drivers - how to influence the process Jan-13
Solar farms Jan-17
Wind turbine advice for riders and carriage drivers Oct-13
Wind turbine guidance for planners and developers Oct-13
Wind farms in Scotland

Making sure where you ride or drive is protected for the future

Recording a right of way Mar-16
2026 toolkit - provides information on the potential loss of unrecorded bridleways and what to do May-14
Researching a route for a Modification Order (DMMO) application Feb-15

Recommendations for standards and specifications of structures and surfaces

Gate installation
Vehicle barriers Apr-16
Bridges, fords, gradients and steps
Mounting blocks Nov-15
Cattle grids Oct-13
Surfaces (for additional information on 'tarmac' surfaces, see Horses and Highway Surfacing below) Dec-16
Dimensions for width, area and height
Road crossings Aug-16
Multi-user paths

Other Publications

Horses and Highway Surfacing - a guidance note for highway authorities - Stone Mastic Asphalt ('Tarmac') is not a recommended surface for horse use even with treatment as recommended in the guidance note. The BHS would always urge alternatives being used where possible.
BHS Wind Turbine Experiences Survey 2012 - Results
Self-Closing Gates Trial, 2011 report (The BHS)
Self-Closing Gates Trial, 2015 report (Natural England in association with the BHS)
Making Ways for Horses
Health Benefits of Riding
Equestrian statistics (updated 2013)

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