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Role Descriptions

Our British Horse Society volunteers support the charity across a variety of objectives. The roles below describe the core elements of the activities each volunteer might do. Some of our roles focus on a particular part of our charitable work, such as Access, Welfare or Safety, others are more general, putting on events and providing educational opportunities for the local equestrian community to grow their skills and improve the lives of their horses. 

As a volunteer it is important that you consider the time you have available. Volunteering should be an enjoyable part of your week and you shouldn't feel overwhelmed. You will see that some of our Role Descriptions are quite long. This is because our volunteers do quite a wide variety of tasks. You shouldn't feel like you need to do everything on a role description, rather choose the tasks that you will enjoy most or that will suit your skills and time available. Some of our volunteers share their role with another volunteer locally and they each focus on the part of the Role Description that suits them best. 

Local Volunteers

Many of our volunteers work local to their home. They might focus on a very small area around their home, as some of our Access Officers do, or they might cover the whole County, as most members of the Committee do. Some volunteers, like our Welfare Advisers, occasionally travel further afield to help horses. 

Below are all the local and county volunteer roles our volunteers currently do. If you are interested in changing roles please talk with your National/Regional Manager, Role Coordinator or the Volunteer Manager.

Chairman Vice Chairman

Secretary Treasurer

Communications and Marketing Officer

Education and Events Officer Friends at the End

Membership Secretary Committee Member

Welfare Adviser 

Local Safety Adviser County Safety Adviser

Access and Bridleways Officer    County Access and Bridleways Officer

Scottish Access Officer

Regional Volunteers

Our Regional volunteers take on a higher level of responsibility than our local volunteers.  They usually attend the Regional Meeting every three months, collect reports from the local and county volunteers in their remit and share these at this Regional Committee. The Regional Committee is an important element of the communication structure of our committees providing a go-between from our National meeting with Chairmen at HQ and our local committees. 

Regional Chairman  Regional Vice Chairman

Regional Secretary Regional Treasurer 

Regional Communications Officer

Regional Events and Education Officer

Regional Welfare Adviser Regional Safety Adviser

Regional Access and Bridleways Officer 

Regional BRC Representative 

National Volunteers

The BHS has National volunteers for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These volunteers meet three times a year for the National Committee meeting. Like the Regional Committee meeting this provides an opportunity for communication from HQ to the local committees and back again. The National Committees also meet to discuss issues that might be particularly relevant to them, or could be devolved due to changes in the law. 

National Chairman National Vice Chairman

National Secretary National Treasurer

National Communications Officer National Events and Education Officer

National Welfare Adviser National Safety Adviser

National BRC Representative

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