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Health and Safety

Health & Safety

The law around health and safety can be complex but must be complied with. Any event run by (or in the name of) the BHS must be organised with the full knowledge of your committee/team and/or your National/Regional Manager.  In addition, all required health and safety documents should be sent to prior to the event.  Failure to comply with this will compromise the BHS insurance cover. 

Free training for volunteers in Event Safety training is run on a regular basis and we would urge all volunteers involved with organising events on behalf of the BHS to complete this training. Please note, any volunteer who undertakes the initial Event Safety training will need to take free refresher training every three years.

Please see additional information relating to Covid-19 compliance at your event.


Health & Safety Datasheets

DS1 Risk Assessments for BHS Events

DS2 - Reporting Incidents after an Event

DS3 - BHS Events - activities covered by BHS Insurance (coming soon)

DS4 - Medical and Veterinary cover for BHS Events

DS5a - Safeguarding in BHS volunteer committees - England, Wales & NI

DS5b - Safeguarding in BHS volunteer committees - Scotland

DS6 - Safeguarding at Events (coming soon)

DS7 - First Aid qualification guidance for BHS Events (coming soon)

DS8Covid-19 Event Resumption guidance

DS9 - The Construction of Rings


Supporting Documents and Templates

HATS - BHS Events Hat Guide 2022

BODY PROTECTORS - BHS Event Body Protector Standards 2022

H&S POLICY - BHS Events H&S Policy Statement Template

RISK ASSESSMENTS BHS Event Risk Assessment Template

SAFEGUARDING - BHS Safeguarding Plan Template

SAFETY FILE - BHS Event Safety File Template

ORGANISERS CHECKLIST - BHS Event H&S Checklist for Organisers

COVID-19 - BHS Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template for Events

COVID-19 - BHS Covid-19 Event Contact Form

ACCIDENT REPORTING - Accident Incident and Near Miss Form Mounted

ACCIDENT REPORTING - Accident Incident and Near Miss Form Unmounted

WELFAREBHS Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies at Events 

LOW FLYINGInformation on how to report a large equine event to Joint Helicopter Command

HSE WEBSITE - More information on Risk Assessments and Reporting Accidents




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