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Event Support Documents

BHS volunteer committees carried out over hundreds of events for the BHS in 2017. This huge amount of work helps to deliver our charitable objectives and brings us closer to achieving our mission. 

The documents here can be used by any volunteer but may be particularly relevant to Events and Education Officers. 

Guide to Running Events

In 2015 we created the Guide to Running Events. This is also available in print, just ask the Volunteer Manager or your Role Coordinator. This document provides the basic information about putting on an event. 

Guide to Running Events 2015 

When organising an event there are several important things to consider and the documents below will help you make sure your event is safe and fun. 

Start by making sure you have thought of all the possible people and things you need. The Event Planning Check List can be used and feel free to adapt it to your needs. 

Planning an Event

Event Planning Check List 2015  

Ensure you and the committee have considered the cost of the event and how much you hope it will raise. Where possible you should aim to ensure events create an income for the charity, however sometimes the committee may determine that the benefits of the event outweigh the cost of putting the event on, in these cases it would be fine to continue with the event despite it making a loss. The budget below can be adapted as you see fit but will hopefully help you consider what some of your cost might be.

Example Event Budget 

How people book to attend your event may vary from committee to committee and event to event. For many cases your National/Regional Manager can put the event on our website and create bookings using our internal system. If you are collecting or taking bookings on the night or through some other method the form below might be useful.

BHS Booking form template 

It is important for insurance purposes to know who all the volunteers are at an event. If you have volunteers helping at an event who haven't signed a BHS Volunteer Agreement or aren't officially a BHS volunteer, this is fine, just make sure they are captured on your Volunteer Log.

BHS Volunteer Log 

Posters might be useful to promote your event. Contact your Communications Officer and work with them to ensure you have the best coverage. Below are some poster templates you can use to get things started.




For our Platinum year there are additional booking forms and poster templates available. Please only use these during the course of 2018, our Platinum year.

Platinum Equestrian Booking Form

Platinum Poster Template 

If you are taking pictures at the event please share our Image Guidelines with your photographer. As you can imagine with the BHS being active in Education and Welfare and so many other areas of the equestrian sector people have a high expectation for us. The image guidelines help us ensure that all pictures we use in promotional materials or on social media have been checked and demonstrate the best of equestrian care. Any questions about these can be directed to your National/Regional Manager or the Communications department at HQ.

Image Guidelines FNL

Safety at an Event

Safety is paramount at all BHS events. The law around safety can be complex but each event must be reported to your National/Regional Manager to ensure our insurance will cover it. You must also carry out a risk assessment for the venue of any event and if an accident occurs complete an Accident Form. To start with consider using the template below to build a Safety Pack for your event. This should hold all the necessary risk assessments and forms should an accident take place along with any other relevant documents.

Event Safety Pack Template 

This should be accompanied by the correct Risk Assessment. Risk Assessments are generally just about using your common sense and imagining the worst might happen. Walk around the venue with your Assessment form. Look all around you, including the floor or ground. Consider the kind of people or animals that might be attending and how the venue will work. Are there steps? Is there a lift for people with disabilities? Is there an exposed wire that might cause a trip or fall? 

Write everything you see on the form. It's also worth asking the venue if they have their own risk assessment. Often they have already done this work and a simple copy will suffice. Legally you just need to be sure that you know what any risks are and have done as much as possible to reduce those. That might mean leaving a gate closed to a particular field or asking the venue to put safety tape over the wire. 

If you are still unsure consider reading this website, which goes into detail about what to look for: Risk Assessment Advise

Risk Assessment for an Equestrian Event 

Risk Assessment for Simple Event 

Accident Forms are also a legal requirement. These should be filled out whenever something goes wrong at your event. That might be as much as someone falling off a horse, or as little as someone almost falling over. The problem is that if no injury is obvious the person might still be suffering from a strain injury and want to claim from insurance later, so it is important that as much as possible is captured. Accident forms should be sent to the Volunteer Manager. Accidents at events should also be reported to your National/Regional Manager. If you want to know more about filling in an Accident form this website has some guidance: How to fill in an Accident Form

Accident Incident and Near Miss Form Complex

Accident Incident and Near Miss Form Simple  

Additional Information

Below are a selection of other documents that might be useful to ensure your event stays safe. Most of these are horse-related and will be most useful for pleasure rides or similar events. 

Dead Slow Brief 2018

Highways Signage Guidance 

Advise for Construction of Rings 2015 

BHS Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies at Events 

Rider Weight Guidance and Calculation 2018

BHS Approvals Hat Guide 2017 

BHS Riding Hats Guide 2017 

FAQ Riding Hat Standards 2017 

BHS INTERNATIONAL Approvals Hat Guide 2017 

Judges and Officials for Equestrian Events 

BHS Corporate Brand Guidelines


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