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Committee Support

The Constitution is the governing document for our Charity, the Terms of Reference are the governing documents for our Committees. They have been signed off by our Board of Trustees and define the key rules and structures for the creation and maintenance of a committee. 


The BHS Constitution is the governing document of the Charity. It contains the charitable objectives which drive the activities our volunteers deliver. The Constitution can be found on our website on the right hand side of the 'Corporate Information' section.

BHS Constitution 


Terms of Reference

The BHS has Terms of Reference for each kind of volunteer committee. They are the governing principles of these committees. 

Terms of Reference for the BHS Scottish National Committee

Terms of Reference for the BHS Ireland Committee

Terms of Reference for the BHS Welsh Cymru National Committee

Terms of Reference for English Regional Committees

Terms of Reference for Local Committees

BHS Committee Meetings

Many of our volunteers attend committee meetings regularly. These should be chaired by a Chairperson or Vice Chairperson and conducted in a positive, efficient manner. They are a way for volunteers to connect and discuss what will be the focus of their activities in the coming months. The note below has been created after visiting over 50% of our committees and observing the best practices demonstrated there. They will help a Chairperson and their committee make the most of their time together.  

Committee Meetings Guidance Note

Every three years committees hold elections for their Chairperson and Vice Chairperson roles. However, as we all know each committee is different, as is each volunteer. This note provides some guidelines and support for how these elections could be carried out. Your National/Regional Manager will work with the committee to decide which is the correct kind of election for your team and help you carry that out. 

Election Guidance Note


Difficult Situations

Unfortunately, occasionally things do go wrong. The processes below are what might be needed at these times. 

Volunteer Complaints Procedure

General Public Complaints Procedure

Volunteer Problem Solving Procedure

Problems and Disputes Guidance Note


Regional/National Volunteers

The BHS has Regional volunteers in England who take on a higher level of responsibility than our local volunteers. Usually, these volunteers already have experience of volunteering with the BHS at a local level.  

Regional Chairperson

Regional Vice Chairperson

Regional Secretary Regional Treasurer 

Regional Communications Officer

Regional Events and Education Officer

Regional Welfare Adviser

Regional Safety Adviser

Regional Access and Bridleways Officer 

Regional BRC Representative 

National Volunteers

The BHS has National volunteers for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who take on a higher level of responsibility than our local volunteers. 

National Chairperson

National Vice Chairperson

National Secretary

National Treasurer

National Communications Officer

National Events and Education Officer

National Welfare Adviser National Safety Adviser

National BRC Representative

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