Report a horse incident

We are collecting data on incidents involving horses, whether the horses are ridden, driving a carriage or cart, led in-hand or loose.

Who can report to us?

  • Anyone directly involved in or having witnessed an incident. You don’t have to be a BHS member.

What counts as an incident?
Any unplanned event that has:

  • resulted in a rider or handler feeling concerned (e.g. verbal abuse)
  • resulted in a horse reacting in an unsettled way (e.g. excessive noise)
  • the potential to cause injury to a rider, handler or horse even though it may not have at this time (a near miss)
  • already caused injury to a rider, handler or horse (an accident)

What does your incident involve?

  • Road/off-road user
  • Dogs
  • Slippery road surfaces
  • Low flying aircraft
  • Drones
  • Fireworks

If your incident does not fit into one of the above categories please fill in the General Incident Report form and email it to