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National and Regional Managers Contact Information

Our Regional and National Managers support members and volunteers in their regions, providing information, training and competitive events and the professional image of the BHS at a range of events.

They are the vital link between BHS headquarters and our members - in fact, as our front-line recruiting team, they are often our first link with potential members. They also ensure that development in the main areas of BHS work – Welfare, Access, Safety and Training – is deployed in the best way to each individual region.

These staff assist BHS headquarters with providing information and training to members, and mean regions communicate with each other effectively. They also support and advise their volunteers, without whom the Society could not operate.

Contact Information


Helene Mauchlen  
BHS National Manager, Scotland
01764 656334
07808 141077
Julie Hanna
 Julie Hanna
Scotland Regional Manager
02746 840710
07900 670223


Susan Spratt Susan Spratt 
BHS National Manager, Northern Ireland
02842 788681
07808 141079

Wales and the Channel Islands

Kathryn Stewart
National Manager - Wales and the Channel Islands
07767 411919

North of England

Claire Maddison
North Regional Manager
02476 840702
07909 104230


Lyndsay Dring Lyndsay Dring 
North-West Regional Manager
02476 840734
077204 04398


Amy Clements  Amy Clements
Yorkshire Regional Manager
02476 840721
07808 141074

West Midlands

Andrea Jackman  
West Midlands Regional Manager
02476 840722
07881 661429

East Midlands

Sally Andrews  
East Midlands Regional Manager
02476 840735

East Of England

Janet Holmes Janet Holmes 
East of England Regional Manager
02476 840731
07808 141076


Hannah Marsh  
South Regional Manager
02476 840720
07715 161578

South West

Julie Garbutt Julie Garbutt 
South West Regional Manager
02476 840732
07808 141009

London and South East

Claire McCaffery-Clarke Claire McCaffery-Clarke 
London and South East Regional Manager
01323 643581
07808 141073

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