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This page holds information relevant to Scottish horse owners and riders as most laws pertaining to equestrianism are devolved.

In 2019 BHS Scotland helped fund the first ever Scottish Equestrian Economy report in partnership with horsescotland – it shows equestrian expenditure in Scotland to be worth an approximate £355 million annually. 

First Scottish Equestrian Market Information 2019 (pdf)

About us:

The British Horse Society Scotland is keen to be fully involved in National Planning Framework 4 both as a community group and a representative of the equine industry. We therefore welcome this call for ideas and address your five questions from an equestrian point of view.

We have a membership of over 8 thousand members, fifteen regional committees, accredited professional coaches and affiliated equestrian businesses acting locally to improve the lives of horses and riders across Scotland.

In Scotland we are an energetic stakeholder with involvement in the National Access Forum, animal welfare initiatives and in education delivery; driving forward our key aims of safety, welfare, access and training. We also run an approvals system for riding schools, livery yards and training and tourism facilities.


HORSE SENSE: Equestrian access in Scotland

Scottish access rights apply to most land and inland water. Whether you’re enjoying the fresh air in a local park, walking the dog, hillwalking, mountain biking, horse riding or kayaking you need to know about your access rights and responsibilities. Scotland’s outdoors is managed by a variety of organisations and BHS Scotland carries out this task on behalf horse riders by providing an advocacy service and sitting on the National Access Forum.

Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, horse riders and carriage drivers enjoy equal rights of access as walkers, cyclists and other non-motorised users to most land and inland water, day or night, provided that they exercise their rights responsibly. Land managers in turn are obliged to respect equestrian access rights and take proper account of the right of responsible access in managing their land.

If you have any queries about off road access email



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